TimeMaster Course

How to have more time for You and Your Loved Ones!


Power, Freedom and Peace in the face of all the things you have to do and each thing until completion.

What happens in this TimeMaster course

✔ Identification of the current paradigm from which we operate when it comes of time;
✔ Identifying the impact of delaying the things to be solved;
✔ Defining Productivity from a new perspective;
✔ Discover the differences between the principles underlying Time TimeMaster course management and principles;
✔ Identification of the new language used in the context of the new paradigm a
✔ Definition of terms: complete, incomplete, occasion, concern according the new context created;
✔ Receiving the tools to fulfill the intention of participating in it course;
✔ Infrastructure for the application of the system

6 most important benefits

✔  Quality time with your family;
✔  A significant increase in productivity;
✔  Dramatically increase organizational performance and individual effectiveness. Reduced stress and increasing work/personal life balance;
✔  Freedom from overwhelm, anxiety and the experience of peace of mind;
✔  Discover the obstacles to your performance, to your fulfillment, and let them go;
✔  A simple system that gives back to you the control over your own life.

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Duration: 1 day
from 9.00 till 17.00

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Experiences most of us face

“I don’t have time”, “I don’t know when I will have time” or “I don’t think I have time to do this” are expressions that you often say and they come with the experience that you have lost control over your own life.

You are afraid of those moments when you do not meet the demands of family, friends or co-workers, your leisure time is more and more like an ancient myth, and precious moments with your loved ones are practically non-existent.
Although we all have 24 hours in a day, you want to be 34 or 124, but it is impossible. And since you cannot have more than 24 hours in a day, you feel that you are doomed to turn into a vicious circle from which you see no way aut

The TimeMaster course starts by identifying your already existing perception of time. Its distinction is made by identifying the impact it has on life, both personally and professionally. The next step is the realization that we can create whatever paradigm we want, inspire, give us power.

In this course you do not receive a “to do” list, but you choose another way to report on time, consequently another way of looking at your own life.

This course is NOT for:

This course is not for those who want a pill with a personal effect on life, to eliminate any effort on their part. Also, the course is not a chip that is inserted into the brain to eliminate any involvement or personal effort.

Fortunately we are extraordinary, beings with unimaginable potential, and, if a great IF, we are present and committed to what we say we want, anything is possible!

Earth will not rotate for several hours around its axis after the course, but the experience you can have is that you can make time for whatever you choose to make time, power, freedom and peace of mind, that you have a say in the way you spend your time (life).

This course IS for:

TimeMaster is for anyone, regardless of the clothes they wear: CEO, director, manager, secretary, housewife, 11th grade student, judge, etc. Under everyone’s clothing is the one who wears it, and the one who wears it is interested in always having the same things: how to enjoy life, how to get rid of stress.

Great is the surprise of the participants when they find that the reasons they consider responsible for what they lack in their lives (peace, health, peace, joy, etc.) are not the real ones. What they think they steal from their power and life is not the high volume of work, interruptions, meetings, incapable people, lack of time or anything else on their lists.

Here's what participants say after the TimeMaster Course

Silvia Dinu/Engineer

Silvia Dinu/ Engineer

Connie, what I feel right after your course is that I did for myself what I needed to do now. If I were to use a metaphor, the TimeMaster course is like giving a stallion a tray of embers; that’s what you did for me. Why did I feel overwhelmed that I had so much to do, when in fact … I have nothing to do now?!? “Nothing and semantics”! I was listening to a show with you when I received the fourth letter after class. I’m in the process of moving house and … I was worried. And Connie comes to tell me that any worries are like worshiping hell. I’m so amused now! Every time I start with “I have a lot to do”, “I’m very pressed for time” I wonder what my relationship is with what I have to do, from what energy I do what I do. Now I have as much to do as before, but the energy and the state in which I work are changed. Thanks, Connie!

Jul 18, 2020
Cristina Obreja testimonial about Connie Larkin

Cristina Obreja

I’m glad I met you and I’m grateful for the way some things came to light for me after the TimeMaster course. It was nice to see, after the course, that if in the morning, when I came I felt a pressure and I had the feeling that I was “watched”; of everything I had to do, in the end I felt free, easy and at peace with everything I had to do. I have reached a safe place where no one is following me and there is no burden that I have to fight the “to dos”. Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am now! With gratitude,

Jul 18, 2020
Eudochia Zavedia Pascal testimonial about Connie Larkin

Eudochia Zavedia Pascal

The TimeMaster Course did wonders for me. After participating in it I felt released. It helped me prioritize and schedule activities in a way that allows me to not carry them on my back anymore. I realized this when someone who hasn’t seen me for a long time said I changed, even the way I keep my body straight changed. It feels wonderful! Thank you, Connie!

Jul 18, 2020
about connie larkin

About Connie Larkin

To write about me I will start with a quote from my book: “There were no thoughts of the future, no thoughts of the past, no worries, incriminations or calculations of any kind. Just NOW. The bliss of it!
In his biography, Werner talks about this state of mind in this way: ‘To be satisfied, to expand, you must first be where you are, and do what you are doing—no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing’. I was experiencing that. My past disappeared completely—completely in the sense that I could recount the story but very sketchily, and I had no interest in spending even a moment of my life looking at it.
I do not know how it is to remember past lives, but that was the thought that came to me. It was like a past life in which I was not at all interested.” I was born in Bucharest, Romania. I woke up to life in July 1983 in Tel Aviv when I participated in a Special Evening about the Est Training.


Bucharest, Romania

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