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Self-Discovery-Journey with Connie Larkin

“The only journey worth making: The Journey of Self-Discovery”

Self-Discovery-Journey with Connie Larkin

“Self-discovery,” says an Indian master, not “self-development”.
Once the door to the dark pantry has opened, where many have spent their years hoping that one day it will be a miracle and they will begin to live, some leave the pantry forever. Others come back in and pretend nothing happened. Both options are equally legitimate.

How was it with me? When the door parted, I smashed not only the pantry that I left instantly but the whole conceptual ramshackle-down that was supposed to be my life, without me knowing that.

Since then I have been dancing with my life on tops and in the depths. At every moment I am full of deep gratitude, and its manifestation is the very fact that I pass on unconditionally what I have received and which does not belong to me.

After thirty-something years of freedom and learning how to communicate/understand this state, I concluded that there are only three essential things that can transform your life. These are:

1. We CAN ALL change the way we look at life,
2. We all can be at any point in our life,
3. The result of changing the point of view from which we look at life is directly correlated with the point of view from which we choose to live.

If you look your life as if you were a victim, that people have something with you and put you in trouble, you are right and you pay the cost: sadness, lack of power, self-pity and begging for attention/validation or simply anger (to name just a few :-)).

If you look at life as a privilege, as an amazing journey, that there is no struggle, no competition, and people are free to live according to their own choices, you are right again and you get results related to this point of view: peace, dignity, respect, results beneficial to you and others.

In the manual of the PhotoReading course, Paul Scheele communicates the same thing when he says: “This course helps you to change the relationship, the approach with the written materials, the relationship with your mind, the relationship with your power, to get what you want”. How simple he says that!

In Landmark, the same thing about changing your point of view is expressed in expressions such as “you can get anything you want for yourself and your life, that you invent as a possibility.” The type of communication, the specific Landmark language, is more difficult to understand, the communication leaning towards a slang that people understand over time, at first repeating it mechanically. Unfortunately, this way of communicating seems strange to those who hear it for the first time… and then annoying, eventually preventing them from seeing beyond their judgment, losing a unique opportunity for them.

I was carried away by the wave because this whole article started since I wanted to share with everyone a few lines from Carlos Castaneda’s book “The Power of Silence”. In his powerful and extraordinary way – as I find it – don Juan communicates to Carlos the same thing, namely, the change of point of view.

To understand better, I must say that don Juan Matus, Carlos’s master, refers to the point of view as another expression, namely ‘the assemblage point’ or ‘assembly point’.

Don Juan also calls the people who embarked on the journey of self-discovery “Warrior Travelers”, and those who reach high levels of knowledge as “Sorcerers”, the Source People, misinterpreted as wizards. In my translation below I will use the word “sorcerers”.


“Then he said something I already knew, but I couldn’t say it, because I couldn’t find the right words to describe it.
He said that everything the ‘sorcerers’ did was a consequence of the “assembly point” movement (reference point, point of view, perspective) and that those movements were driven by the energy that the sorcerers owned it.

Then he said that ‘sorcerers’ were the only beings who deliberately went beyond the intuitive level through training, to do two things: to conceive the existence of the point of view, and secondly to make it move.
He emphasized again and again that the most sophisticated knowledge that ‘sorcerers’ had, was our potential as beings with perception and the knowledge that our perception depended on the position of assembly / point of view.

It’s like music to me!
I adore don Juan!

How do I support for myself the anchoring in this point of view / space / context/relationship/approach that I have chosen to experience and live?

I read the words of those with whom I resonate in this “understanding” and instantly I am connected to the context of power from which I have chosen to live. I can also listen to a song that vibrates with it (context) / me! Especially something insignificant, of self-importance, of drama, like:


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