PhotoReading® Course

How to read a book in 7 minutes


Accessing the genius within you. After this course, you can learn in one day or one wee, as others in one month.

What is PhotoReading?

The PhotoReading Course allows for results far beyond the results obtained by any other Speed Reeding technique, you learn at least ten times faster in any domain of interest to you, including learning a foreign language.This course will help you go from “I have too much to read and too little time” la “I love learning, reading is fun, I can get any information I need”.

PhotoReading is a protocol, a sequence of steps that acknowledges and uses two important functions of the human brain. One is the non-conscious database. The other is the preconscious processor that allows information to be routed into the non-conscious database. We are not giving you a non-conscious mind or preconscious processor – you already have one.

There are constant discoveries regarding the incredible learning capacities of the human brain. Our brain is an extraordinary processor of information, capable of accumulating enormous volumes of information at an unimaginable speed.

5 most important benefits

✔ You will PhotoRead at a minimum speed of 25 000 words per minute;

✔ You will be able to learn at least ten times faster than now, with ease and joy;

✔ You can learn a foreign language at conversational level in three and a half months;

✔ You extract the information you require from any written material in record time;

✔ You will learn how to access your creativity and your genius.

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Course Duration: 2 days
9.00 -19.00 on Saturday and 9.00 -17.00 on Sunday

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What gives value for this course?

The fascinating results most of the participants get in the PhotoReading courses I lead is also due to my more than 30 years of international training and experience as an ontological courses leader, trainer and coach.

The ontological education is a type of education by which people recognize and then go beyond the barriers they have, in the case of PhotoReading the barriers to accepting a new approach to reading and learning.

On the principle that “one does not make a cake by putting cream on top of mud”, anything you try to learn on top of limitative thinking that you have and do not know you have, or you know but have no idea how to free yourself from, it is done with difficulty, the results being short lived and inferior to what’s possible.

Paul Scheele’s extraordinary technique for teaching people how to get information by mentally photographing it, coupled with ontological training, make the PhotoReading courses I lead become an unique and extraordinary experience of personal evolution.


What are participants say after PhotoReading course


Laura Hanganu, hypnotherapist

After the PhotoReading course I exponentially expanded my visual field, and my thinking is more and more clear. The biggest gift I got from PhotoReading (besides the possibility of accessing so many books at high speed) is the state of presence, calm and active participation in the process of discovering what the author has valuable to offer me. It is fascinating to observe how the rhythm of my breathing changes when something that I needed to know, something that interests me or is beneficial to me, appears from the book. And the words just simply pop up from the book in a dance…Lots of hugs and thank you for the knowledge I got through you!

Jul 18, 2020
Diana-Mogosanu testimonial for Connie Larkin

Diana Mogosanu

PhotoReading after four months. You see, once you discover you are the sole responsible for the results you have in your life, you start generating them…if you want to  There is no greater fulfillment than witnessing this awakening. Connie, I just wanted to share with you what happened to me after the PhotoReading course I took in August 2019. I kept PhotoReading daily Paul Scheele’s book and a Dutch dictionary. Any book that came my way, be it at home, be it at the office, I use to get information for my projects. I observed, lately, that the emotions I get while PhotoReadign are reflecting the emotions the author communicates about. One day I perceived sounds, and when I activated the book I found out some text about Chinese mantras.Absolutely magical things are happening. I intend to do what you do, to PhotoRead books for spontaneous activation. Thank you for everything! You inspire me to spread awareness

Jul 18, 2020
Ana-Pasca_-PhotoReading-300x300 Photoreading Testimonial

Ana Pasca

Due to the openings it provided for me, and its method, the PhotoReading Course ended up being something very special. Though skeptical in the beginning, over the course of the two days of participation I understood that by using the method and following the steps exactly, I could transcend my very limits and access unimaginable abilities; abilities that I had not even been aware I had. For me, it was much, much more than just PhotoReading, it was a journey about self- discovery.

Jul 18, 2020
raluca-potoroaca_-PhotoReading-300x300 Testimonial

Raluca Potoroaca, Manager

The PhotoReading Course helped me to wake up! It feels like it gave me acces to all the resourches of the Universe! After just two fascinating days spent in this course I ceased feeling helpless regarding written materials and I got fully empowered!!! I realized that it is enough to be present, conscious and authentic. As a result, I have the experience of living life to the fullest; to a degree I could not have even imagined before 🙂 This is my superpower!

Jul 18, 2020
about connie larkin

About Connie Larkin

To write about me I will start with a quote from my book: “There were no thoughts of the future, no thoughts of the past, no worries, incriminations or calculations of any kind. Just NOW. The bliss of it!
In his biography, Werner talks about this state of mind in this way: ‘To be satisfied, to expand, you must first be where you are, and do what you are doing—no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing’. I was experiencing that. My past disappeared completely—completely in the sense that I could recount the story but very sketchily, and I had no interest in spending even a moment of my life looking at it.
I do not know how it is to remember past lives, but that was the thought that came to me. It was like a past life in which I was not at all interested.” I was born in Bucharest, Romania. I woke up to life in July 1983 in Tel Aviv when I participated in a Special Evening about the Est Training.


Sistemul Mental Integral, are 5 Pasi

Before PhotoReading it is important to be relaxed, to give up worries and stress. There are specific techniques that can help you to relax and enter a mental state favorable to PhotoReading. Then, depending on the number of pages, you can read a book in a few minutes;

Before PhotoReading it is important to be relaxed, to give up worries and stress. There are specific techniques that can help you to relax and enter a mental state favorable to PhotoReading. Then, depending on the number of pages, you can read a book in a few minutes;

Mental photography of the entire book;

In this phase, a state of curiosity is created by generating questions, always having the goal in mind. These questions are answered in the last step: activation;

It is done in phases of 20 minutes, until you consider that the initial goal has been achieved. In this phase, specific techniques are used to approach the material and the aim is to find the answers to the questions.


Bucharest, Romania

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