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16th, 22nd & 23rd DECEMBER 2018, TAJ LAND'S END
relationships skills

YOU CAN TRANSFORM your most relevant relationships now

Learning relationship skills can improve communication and prevent relationship breakdown. It can also help people let go of the past and move on to a more satisfying future. This course is for new couples, people in established relationships, parents who want to get over the communication gap. The course covers a range of issues including dealing with conflict, communicating effectively or building healthy family & work relationships.

Date: December 16th, 2018

Course Price: 12,500 Rupees *GST inclusive

photo reading course

The five step Photo Reading system

Your mind processes and absorbs information far quicker than you can consciously think. Amazingly, in the visual sense, your retina processes about 10 million point images per second.

If you compare your mind to a computer, your mind has processing capabilities that are much faster, and with far better storage than the fastest computers on the planet. Most of what you take in through your five senses at lightning fast speeds remains out of consciousness awareness. Conscious processing is just a fraction of what is going in the mind. The unconscious mind is far greater and by using principles and techniques from PhotoReading you learn to harness the power and speed of your mind and bring information that would normally be in your unconscious into everyday awareness.

BY USING THE PHOTO READING SYSTEM, YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR SPEED OF READING FROM THREE to FIVE TIMES and that’s at the course. With practice you will get even faster.

Date: December 22nd & 23rd, 2018

Course Price: 22,000 Rupees *GST inclusive
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Connie is an International author, speaker, executive coach, and PhotoReading® Instructor. She has over 30 years’ experience speaking for international audiences.

For me Education is an “Inside Job”! Nobody can make you educate yourself except you. I find self-education to be the most honourable way to live life, always being committed to one’s own evolution! So, my invitation is: Be an extraordinary life, by self-educating, if you choose to.

What People Say..

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“Every time we met I felt the need to write down what I was realizing while talking to her. My discussions with Connie were different, alive and with much wisdom for me. It was like having a life transforming experience while getting very valuable and powerful distinctions.”

Aliona Stolearenco – Real Estate Agent
“I have the belief that anything is possible, the belief that I can, that I am capable; it is like I got a breath of life. I got an access, an opening to unlimited knowledge.”

Maria Admina Murgoi
“Ten year ago Connie helped me wake up and see life from a different perspective. Even if, since then I fall asleep from time to time, I am alive!For me Connie is the most intelligent, inspiring and most alive woman I know. I like all she says and writes.Thank you, Connie.”

Cristina Danilă/Florida/USA
“Just after a few coaching session and intense personal work, with my mind open towards a new perspective, I opened the door to a continuous and ongoing transformation.Thank you, Connie, for pointing out to me the direction of a new life”

Dr. Daniela Ștefănescu Country Manager/Chiesi Romania
“My meeting with Connie represented gaining light on my already existing life perception. The work with her helped me see what gives me power, helped me to find out the value of authenticity, be a persona of integrity with myself and the people in my life.”

Daniel Petre -Unit Manager NN Insurance