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A life coach is a mentor who can help others find in themselves unsuspected resources of power, with the clear aim that they can set, achieve and exceed their goals in their professional and personal life.

In fact, a key landmark in life coaching is trust. Those who need guidance most often admit that their self-esteem is low and they are active in a daily routine that does not really give them any pleasure or emotion.

During life coaching workshops, one of my essential goals is to reinstate your self-confidence, to reach your full potential, to give meaning and added value to your life.

Life Coaching Courses

It is a conversation that brings clarity of mind, and leaves the participant of the coaching in a totally different space. This “different space” is given by a change, shift in perspective. ALL limitations we experience in our lives are due to our perceptions, and what is extraordinary about this is that human beings CAN change their perception.

Here is an example of what I mean by changing perspective. If you think that a “cow gives milk” is a perspective from which you look at things, and the actions you take or don’t take are totally correlated to that perspective. If you are willing to consider that the cow does not give milk, that the only thing it gives is manure, that it is YOU who takes the milk, the emotions and actions would be completely different; one such action could be that you get off the “fence” and start “milking the cow”, for example.

Also, you cannot coach using books or following mechanical lists of questions to ask, or all kinds of weird evaluation systems, but even these methods, in the absence of Ontological training can give results, if – and this is a big ‘if’ – the coach is authentic. The rest is just the commitment and work of the person who requested the coaching.

Andrei Petre – Registrations & ITpx; Manager/ABRC

“”I have been working with Connie since November 2017, and each session is a really surprising encounter with myself. In each session I discover the incredible power of my mind, what extraordinary possibilities I can create, I discover how to take charge of my life and generate the results I want. These are things that, one year ago I did not even think possible.”

6 Ways You Can Benefit From Life Coaching

1. Increasing confidence in your own resources and strengths
2. It will become much clearer to you what you want
3. You will learn to manage your fears and overcome obstacles
4. Learn strategies and techniques that help you achieve your goals more easily
5. You learn to easily identify the greau opportunities in your life
6. You get time for yourself, support, encouragement and motivation.

Life coaching is an investment you make in yourself and a valuable acquisition that you will enjoy your whole life.


How did their life change after Life Coaching

Monica Nicuta Sales Manager

Monica Nicuta, Sales Manager

It is great to be alive, to be aware of your own thoughts, to take from life everything you want, to be aware of the POWER in you, living with integrity. You are an INSPIRATION to me and I THANK YOU, and myself, for giving me the chance to make a difference in my own life with this Education. So far I participated in the “Relationship Workshop”, I follow you on YouTube, and I read your book. The impact you had on my life until now is in realizing that the moments when I indulge in feeling lost are the ones that take away my vitality. Therefore, I concluded that it would be good for me to be PRESENT, to practice, practice, practice, and enjoy what I have. With gratitude,

Jul 18, 2020
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