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"FORGET YOUR NAME!" Connie Larkin



We have a deep attachment to the meanings in which we were born, which we have strengthened with our lives, and which we pass on to our children as if they were the absolute truth.

Through a blessing of fate (?!… Another interpretation :)) I have lived in several countries and I saw that all people have their interpretations, their holidays, their superstitions.

This led to the collapse of all the sandcastles built by me (all my meanings, traditions, interpretations)!

God help me!

That’s how I made my own meanings – and I know they are just meanings ? – rituals and rules.

At the beginning of December, I run away from the Christian “winter holidays” trade, and I go to India, or wherever these holidays are not celebrated.

Sunday, for me, is called Yom Rishon (the first day) as it is called in Israel, and it is the first day of work, and I am the most efficient and clear.

During the holidays, when the dense and fractured mind leaves the atmosphere, I work best 🙂

How fantastic! I honor my first rule.

The first rule is not to have rules.

Rule No two is that I make my own rules that inspire me 🙂

What a life!!!!

Out of respect for the meanings of other people, I wish you Happy Holidays!

I will use these months, December and January, to dance with evolution and knowledge beyond what I can imagine ?


In 1983, I participated in EST Training and I fell into a cosmic wonder, hearing for the first time in my life the conversations in the course.

I felt as if I had been thirsty all my life, that I was dying of those things that the Ontological conversations made available to me.

Now, in 2019, listening to Nisargadatta Maharaj, it’s like hearing the EST trainer from my course again.

Nisargadatta Maharaj’s words generate the same joy for me, only this time – in light of my involvement with Ontological Education from the very beginning, this experience is on a difficult level to express.

“Once he (Nisargadatta Maharaj) told me:
– Forget your name, forget your achievements or diplomas, or anything else you could be… and tell me a few words about yourself.

I was speechless.

What could I say?

– THAT’S THE ANSWER! – he said.

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