‘You and I possess, at any moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives’ - Werner Erhard

I love anything that has to do with using my own thinking, and I am fascinated with the freedom to be. Fortunatelly, one day I met an education that 'opened the door' and I got to know my own thinking and I got free.

The great thing I found out is that educating myself depends on me alone.

This extraordinary education is called 'ontological' and it's results are seen instantaneusly; it makes one be aware and be filled with awe, joy, power and inspiration in the face of anything one does, now, in the present.

I am not interested in any other type of education; I would not waste one single moment of NOW from my life waiting for something to happen, sometime, in the future. When in 1983 my life became extraordinary in one simple conversation I thought then, as I do now, that I have no right to keep this for myself. My life and the joy filling my life are an expression of sharing what I found out with others.

9 September 2018


The surprising thought that the world was mad has happened to me before, mainly while participating in the extraordinary courses of Landmark. I remember this thought […]
27 August 2018

“Never Too Late!”

Thirty years ago I was staying with some friends in Florence. I had two small kids; my daughter was four years old, my son one year […]
12 July 2018


WISDOM BY EXPERIENCE – “THE MOST BITTER” 🙂 In accordance with Confucius there are three methods from which we may learn wisdom: * first by reflection, […]
10 July 2018


Though, my favorite title is “GET THIS LIFELESS FELLOW OUT!” This is not my expression, but a Zen Master’s expression when he met a well-meaning person, […]
3 July 2018

We need NOTHING to be happy

Art, movies, theatre, writing, painting, everything that has to do with ‘us’ seem to want to convey a message beyond the obvious. I find that Indian […]
2 July 2018

THE MOST POWERFUL DRUG – An Interesting Way of Looking at Things-

THE MOST POWERFUL DRUG – An Interesting Way of Looking at Things I was watching with great pleasure some short film with Terence McKenna and listening […]