The surprising thought that the world was mad has happened to me before, mainly while participating in the extraordinary courses of Landmark. I remember this thought was surprising as well as overwhelming.

I was even thinking that maybe only crazy people came to the courses, and that “maybe I should not be there”.

Of course I knew that the people participating in the courses were, probably, the sanest – for at least they were aware something was off with their lives – and they were taking action to get free from the constraints they were experiencing. But if the sanest looked like that, I said to myself, God help us with the rest. And that was the first time I had the thought that the world was mad.

With the clarity of mind I kept acquiring, I started to see more and more madness, and now, as I write, images and stories illustrating that are popping in my head. Maaannnnnyyyyy!!!!

Just to give an example, sometimes I go to courses, other times I am invited at conferences, or meetings of sorts, and because I want to see what’s going on out there I go. I find is mostly extremely entertaining (I do not look at things like being “sad”). To use Osho’s words: “Life is playful, life is fun, because the whole existence is a tremendous circus.”

The last such thing I was invited to, just last week, had a fancy name: “Colocviu (I honestly had no clue what this word meant)– “Modelul Informational Ontologic”, la Biblioteca Academiei Române. I went intrigued by the word “Ontological” and out of respect for the person who invited me.

When I think of this event, the image of Pied Piper of Hamelin with his flute leading the rats out of the city comes to my mind.

I imagined the people I met there to unknowingly promote how to become living corpses like themselves, while talking nonsense to others under the pretense of “important stuff” in the field of “philosophy”.

There wasn’t one young soul to represent the new generation mentioned towards the end, and why would they be caught in that dusty room full of octogenarians, 19 to be exact.

Looking around I was astonished to see that some were nodding, one was eating (she ate all the time I was there), others were playing with their telephones, and the rest were simply looking absent minded to the screen projecting the slides the speaker was monotonously reading from.

I had no idea what it was all about, what the persons organizing this had in mind to achieve. There was just some amorphous sequence of mediocrity.

The guy who was reading, and never presented himself, was saying with pride that students came to listen to him “all night”, and I wondered who could make sense of the so called “philosophical” gobbledygook.

God help those students!

Without any discrimination, they could take that s… for something valuable, or confuse it with the real thing.

So, this was my freshest meeting with madness.

I came home in a huff (indulging in some self-importance, and knowing it:), and picking one of my books about Buddha’s teachings it opened to these lines.

My God! (just an expression). I’ve had this book for over 35 years, and every time I read from it, as I evolve, I am overwhelmed by the beauty and simplicity of Buddha’s teachings!

The Buddha said:”… there are two kinds of illness… physical illness and mental illness…rare in this world are those who enjoy freedom from mental illness even for a moment, except those who are free from mental defilements.

I’ll say that again:






Wow! This was quite something! I liked immensely the second part of the statement:





In the past I would have been blocked/confused by not exactly understanding the word “defilement”, turning it into some incomprehensible religious jargon. Now I get it!

“Defilement” is used to express some obstruction that puts the mind in a state in which it does not see what is, and instead it sees something else. Because of these obstructions people live their entire lives suffering, fighting ghosts of their own imagination.

So, some short examples of undetected, unquestioned “defilements”, short-circuits, mental confusion, or wrong thinking:

  • The cow gives milk;

It only gives shit, you take the milk, like in life: you have what you generate. If you have shit, that is what you generate – so don’t complain! If you have milk, that is what you take, so keep doing it; it is up to you what you have.

  • You say you want to …bla, bla, bla, or even some extraordinary bla, bla, bla…. But…you do not want to what’s necessary; you just want to have your rest. Like the saying, you want to have a cake and eat it too. Mish Mumken! (Arabic for „not possible”)  I remember a saying: “As I grow older I look more to what people do and less to what people say”. Why?                            Because you become wiser!

You know people do not know that they are more committed to being dead than alive; it is obvious when you watch the fact that they do nothing but talk, and are righteous about whatever comes out of their mouth, while pretending they have no idea their actions are not correlated at all to what they said.

  • “Killing life” criticizing anybody and anything, while doing nothing but look for proof you are right, is another ….“defilement”.    It is convenient, habitual, mechanical, automatic, this action showing only that there is “nobody home”.                             Another sign of  madness.

And…I stop here. There are more examples, but I do not feel like writing them as some sort of entertainment for the texting breaks, or transforming them into some other “monotonous description of “defilements”, a la Academia Română….

And I just got another insight. The main DEFILEMENT: people do not see they are responsible, and their actions show that they are more committed to their smallness, than their greatness. As a consequence, they resign to living pathetically small lives, blasting “smart things” from their conditioned brains to whomever would listen, chained by …… their dogs.

Some guy I knew in the past, and met recently, told me he lives separately from his wife (two different cities) because she has to take care of their two …….. dogs, and he really could not do what he said he would do (all kinds of fancy- shmansy bla, bla), because in the weekends he had to go see his wife, and help her with the…… dogs:) It was a blast!

Ah, yes, now I remember another saying, and I will mention it even if it did not help me much, like in shutting up, for instance.

“One should not whistle in the church!”

Stupidity (dark intellect, ignorance) is supposed to be potentially dangerous, I get that.

Who has ears to hear, let them hear! I do not write for just anybody, and definitely have no intention to whistle anywhere:)


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