In accordance with Confucius there are three methods from which we may learn wisdom:

* first by reflection, and he called it the most noble,

* second by imitation, which he said it was the easiest, and

* third, ‘the most bitter’, by experience.

One would expect, should it always be so – which it is not – , that a human being would not repeat a bitter experience over and over again, for years, often for life.

Sometimes I think that this sort of repetition that gives no wisdom is what is meant by “destiny”, when you are saying something like “this person will never come out of this, this is his/her destiny”.

If you realize you have a problem that repeats itself, you keep thinking about it and coming up with the same “solutions” that DO NOT WORK, the need to look at that problems in a different way may become obvious.

Was there a moment in which you stopped and asked yourself the question: “What if the problems, the breakdowns I keep having are more than just “undesirable”, or more than meets the eye?

The fact that we keep having the same problem again and again, does it mean it is …..“undesirable”?

NO, not necessarily. It can also mean we keep hold of that problem because it gives us something, something we pay a heavy price for, but nonetheless important enough to keep having that problem.

So, I suppose Confucius’s utterance is not correct in the case of repetition of a problem because repeating the same problem does not show any…. wisdom 🙂

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