Though, my favorite title is “GET THIS LIFELESS FELLOW OUT!”

This is not my expression, but a Zen Master’s expression when he met a well-meaning person, who came to him to ask some questions. I get such a thrill from all these expressions!

Then, due to my PhotoReading Instructor…shipJ I get to make further connections. Sometimes I have the thought that I could train people only from the parables, jokes, fables that have been passed down the line from generation to generation. For this occasion I have this one in mind: those who have ears to hear, hear! This is a translation from a Romanian saying, I think from the bible (where it might sound different).

What does it mean “lifeless fellow”?

To me it means someone so lost in the meanders of his rational mind that could seem irrecoverable for this life; I say “almost” because I totally believe in miracles:)

Lifeless people are people, who have lost the ability to listen to something different than what they “already” know, in other words they “do not have ears to listen”.

So, in order to communicate something valuable to people of different listening abilities, I hire people who can speak a commonly accepted language, but I find this to be repugnant and dishonoring for who we are as human beings.

So, just for you, today, I will say it in plain words:

If you are fed up of listening to dead concepts about “self improvement”, and “personal development”, and really want to resolve a problem you have been complaining about for a long time, on the 21st of July I will lead an Ontological Coaching Event where you will do just that.

Not only will you expose the source of a big problem in your life and resolve it, but also get the tools to work with the other problems as well; and there will be other benefits that might surprise you, clarity of mind being one of them.

To register just go to my coaching page on connielarkin.ro, https://connielarkin.ro/coaching/and where it is written “Vreau Executive Coaching” fill in the registration form, mentioning the 21st of July event.

The course will take place at Crystal Palace Ballroom, from 13.00 to 19.00, and it costs 280 lei; five hours of Ontological Coaching for some 50 euro instead of thousands of euro 🙂

You can also find more information on the Facebook Event:


I will reply with logistic information:)

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