We need NOTHING to be happy

Art, movies, theatre, writing, painting, everything that has to do with ‘us’ seem to want to convey a message beyond the obvious.

I find that Indian movies, from the oldest to the newest (PK, for instance), are communicating a message powerfully, in a very direct way that inspires, and connects people watching at a deep level of being.

I am studying Hindi – love every bit of it – and due to this I have gotten connected to India’s culture; I feel so much richer for it J

This morning I had the TV on, for background Hindi, and now and then could not take myself away from the movie that was on, Amitab Bhacchan being the hero. One message made me cry. He said:

“Man really dies the day he sees injustice and does not do anything about it”.

The most obvious way to look at this is to see injustice done by authorities, people without values, and all those other kind of people and circumstances that immediately come to mind.

Over time and evolution I have started to look differently: man, or woman, die the moment they succumb to ignorance, when they sell out on their dreams, when they FALL PRAY to being victims.

I recently talked to someone dear to me, who put herself in such a constrained situation that she became the perfect victim. She would do almost anything to prove someone wronged her; she hurt her body in more ways than one, lives in constant anguish, gave up her self-esteem, and abandoned herself to the profound suffering mode all to just be noticed, valued, appreciated, loved for who she is and what she does. Unfortunately this will not happen!

She will continue to suffer and spiral deeper and deeper into this mode from which it is going to be constantly more difficult to get out of. She can also wake up to the honor of being alive, to the gift life is, and own the right to wake up from this dream of ignorance, which is the only reason for that suffering.

What does that mean, you might ask.

Well, be present to:

“All evil comes from mind,

But mind is not evil,

All there is,

Is wrong thinking and the need to correct it”.

If you look from this perspective, it means that if you notice there is something you do that takes away your power, aliveness and happiness, that something is NONE other than the IGNORANT part of YOU.

You recognize by these symptoms: blame others or something else for what you are/are not, do/don’t do, or have/don’t have, you insist you have been wronged, do not wish to see things any other way, refuse to give up doing your number and take responsibility, you are always being right.

We need NOTHING to be happy, just change the point from which we look at the situation: from suffering because of… to I am responsible; now what?!

A long time ago I chose to be happy no matter what.

So, I am happy and sometimes I have situations I deal with 🙂


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