Reading these few paragraphs in the Bhagavad Gita Home Study of Sri Dayananda Saraswati gave me yet another insight in the issue of living in the present. How easy, how beautiful! Celebrate the day, whatever your circumstances. And tomorrow is again “today” when it comes, so you can celebrate that too. Every day is “today” when it comes.

And I look at what he wrote not as something I could parrot “something smart to say to impress others” – not that I would ever do that – , I look at what he wrote as some profound experience I recognize for myself. And when I look like that, it makes a difference because in celebrating “today” I am free from indulging in criticism of any sort, therefore wasting time, wasting life.

“Death is always around the corner, mobile in the form of every vehicle, and stationary in the form of microbes and so on. There is no escape from it, for IT IS THE NATURE OF THE BODY TO DIE. Since it is put together, it is therefore, subject to disintegration.

The more intimately you understand this, the less of a problem death becomes, and the more disposed to celebrate life. You are fearless with reference to death only when you celebrate today; each morning that you will wake up is like a new birth.

After all, what guarantee is there that you will wake up in the same body? That you do it is a matter for celebration. Perhaps, for one more day you can do something USEFUL.


Even a plan for the future is only today’s plan; tomorrow you may change it if the changing circumstances require that, bur for today you have a plan. If you live like this you can laugh at death, OR AT LEAST FACE IT SQUARELY.”

One thing that may obstruct the value of this conversation for anyone reading it, is if they suffer of the “Immortality Syndrome”. This syndrome is one of the more common ways of dealing with fear of death, meaning not looking at it, living like you were immortal.

But this is a very damaging perspective. It actually is a most incredibly damaging perspective as it allows you to neglect your life, sleepwalking, postponing, and living in mediocrity. Why? Because you can afford it, you “will live forever”.

So, how can you celebrate life in the present (the only time you can actually celebrate anything)?

Read Sri Dayananda’s words and then look where they sound true for you. If they do, let go of all your stories of “why not this, why not that”, and celebrate today by being present and honor all you do.

Then, in the end of the day look to see what was your experience, and if you like it, do it again, and …again, ….and again:)


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