I regularly go out to see other people from my field of work, work J

The last such event was a nightmare.

But it was also great because just by going to this event I saw that I have a duty, not only a responsibility, to come out of the closet, so to speak.  I decided I had to start leading events that would make available my expertize, start bringing something alive and real to those who maybe would want something alive and real.

The domains of public speaking, relationships, communication, business, leadership have been milked by anyone from the age of 22 to 45 years old, who think they know what they talk about and can “teach” others, actually people who do not know the difference between their “a….ss and a whole in the ground”, to quote the famous quote I first heard in the Est Training.

I myself cringe to listen to intellectual gobbledygook, no matter how great, or copied from some long in the tooth big shot, or given in association with some “motivational” foreign big shot.

This last event I participated in had all the proper props of an international event, the pictures projected on the wall people were facing being of the person leading with different famous guys in the field.

That was meant, probably, for us to think the credibility of those guys extended to him.

I had an evil thought, I thought of manufacturing some pictures of myself dining with Osho, playing cards with Einstein, walking with Gandhi or speaking to the South Africans from a stage where Nelson Mandela and myself were sharing the microphone.  I saw myself in my mind projecting them before starting an event, accompanied by some triumphant music on which I would marsh in the room and then jump on the stage. Then I though better of it.

People might not get the joke.

I realized I couldn’t live my life from a list, even a “have to” list (in Romanian “musai list”) of some other person. I always abhorred that. And I would not know what to do with this list describing how people should or should not be in partnerships: perfect, pleasant, passionate, powerful, and so on.

I also realized I cannot mock this lack of insight, this parroting.

It is not wrong; it is just that people have no clue. And when others have even less clue than the ones with the sheer guts to stand on a stage and think they can teach others, the less clueless may even start having some results in their lives.


If I would not have met with Est Training in 1983 I would have been a hollow shell, like most of the humans on this planet.

So, I do not come out of my closet for a battle, fight anybody, but just provide something very rare: the beginning of clarity of mind.

When one gets that access, one can think for oneself and does not need any lists.

There are two types of people: awake and asleep who do not even know they are asleep. The ones who are awake have the benefit/blessing of authenticity; the others have all the shades of inauthenticity, one of the darkest being ‘sincerity’.

So, I was reading from a book of Alan Watts and was enjoying these lines with a childish delight:

“…no one has yet come up with a philosophy, a set of general principles and laws, which does provide adequate rules for action…And the sharper one’s intellect, the faster one finds reasons to take exceptions to any general principle.


As language becomes rich ….it strays from grammar, or rather from description by grammarians, and must be learned by ear,

So, too, LIFE MUST BE PLAYD BY EAR– which is only to say that WE MUST TRUST not symbolic rules and linear principles, but our BRAINS AND NATURE.

On the 16th of June I will lead a course about relationships, the first of its kind, and the method used is called Ontological Education, or Non- linear Education.

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