LANDMARK SPIRIT – Children FREE from Adult Authority!

IN TRUE LANDMARK SPIRIT – Children FREE from Adult Authority!

Many years ago I was impacted by this book – I have no idea how I got – Summerhill, by A.S. Neill. Today I sat down at the computer and searching for it, I found it with the complete name of its author,
on the site:

I write with capital letters why I had this book on my mind, and what is it I like most from the text on the site.

“A. S. Neill, a Scottish writer and REBEL, was born in Forfar, Angus on 17th October 1883. That somebody of his generation
COULD also be a LEADER in a most MODERN APPROACH to children and childhood, is EXTRAORDINARY.

He created a community in which CHILDREN COULD BE FREE from adult authority.
The school and his ideas became world-famous through Neill’s writings and lectures; his books are still read worldwide” today.

Because I had previously participated in Est Training, I was in awe by what this man had achieved. What his work was doing was not only unburdening the young from their parent’s crap as well as “society” rules, he was giving them real access to aliveness and freedom, putting them in contact with their own lives and the responsibility for their own lives. Of course I loved it.

If there are, among you, people committed to education, this book would most definitely delight you, besides opening your mind to new possibilities towards teaching.

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