Life Coachee’s Dinnner – Burdened With More Crap?

Life Coaching-Burdened With More Crap?

At Dinner With A Life Coachee

The day before yesterday I dined with a person who has a high-ranking corporate job. We talked about coaching. He said he is already in a coaching program for over a year now.
He also told me the name of the coach, a former senior HR employee of another corporation, now freelance … “to be free”, I was informed (without me asking for the motivation of the change)

Only wrong thinking that needs to be corrected…

Looking at him I was asking myself what has that person been doing in those sessions with him? He had a shifty, insecure attitude, no leadership qualities, and full of inauthenticity.
But, he could spew all the laws of the universe, mainly the law of attraction.
He could recite everything, with nothing showing up in who/how he was.

As if to add to the confusion in his head, he was also going to a psychoanalyst.

In my experience people are MAD in different degrees.
It is impossible not to be mad with all the baggage one holds on to, trying to live the best life through that maze. In coaching one should not be burdened with more crap, but helped to let go of it so some living space can be recovered, space which it its turn allows for some living.

And to quote Dayananda Saraswati: “We should know that there is no evil beyond our minds, and that there is no such thing as an evil mind. There is only wrong thinking that needs to be corrected”.

So, what do you think happens when a coach does not highlight the wrong thinking and persists with coaching that adds to the confusion? I especially like Landmark’s description of the same thing: “one cannot make a cake putting cream over mud”.
Well, one could try, of course, but if they only get more mud, they should start thinking for themselves for a change.

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