Integrity IS Power!

In Landmark they say that one of the levels of Integrity is to live life from a context of power. It is quite an astonishing distinction!

It took me … years… to get it, and now I get it, and get it, and constantly need to get it.

Every day I deal with my own lack of integrity regarding things I say or do for myself, and other’s lack of integrity in relationship to me.

When I get I waste my time distinguishing “their” lack of integrity, I get off wasting my time defending and justifying my own lack of integrity.

The result is always the same: I get to be present and enjoy living my life.

Nobody is that important to justify wasting even a moment of my life waiting, hoping, really-really hoping , expecting, bla, bla, bla, and nothing is more important than my life, not even my “so true” and “smart” conversations about myself.

Thanks to Ayahuasca, the very moment I catch myself, I drop any mind masturbation instantly!

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