Do you want to wake up and smell roses?

There are two ways of looking at things and one is the most prevailing: look out there for what I don’t do, don’t have or why I am the way I am.
This manifests through criticism: they did not do, they are bad, they do not know, they stabbed me in the back, and so on.

When I look from this angle it looks like my life is maneuvered, driven by “them”, or “that”, and I do not have a say in the matter.
I am a person that since 1983 knows, found out about the fact that I am responsible for everything, and have to constantly remind myself of that in order for my life to flow with some grace; I know that when it does not, it is because I got stuck in some “they” judgments.

For instance the Education System that everybody blames constantly, in whatever shape or form, from another more empowering angle is self-made.
If I had a message for anybody in the process of learning, no matter the age, I would give them to read the message I found on Facebook yesterday.

Here is “Self-Education” to you!

“You see her? She is Romanian from Bistrita, and she graduated as chief of promotion at the Paris-Sorbonne University in France. Then she was admitted at the same University for the Master Degree. And let me tell you something else important. Before she became a Sorbonne University student, she studied in Romania, the college in county Lunca Ilvei, and high school in Bistrita.”

“The true teacher is one’s true self.” Nisargadatta Maharaj
“Start learning and stop looking for excuses” Connie

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