Your mind

Improve your memory – PhotoReading teaches you to blaze through information at lightning speed and absorb it like a sponge. These whole mind techniques will help you remember everything you see, hear, and touch better than you can now.

Sharpen concentration – PhotoReading helps you access the “accelerated learning state” where you can focus to the absolute exclusion of everything else. Have you ever experienced being so lost in a book that you forget where you are? You learn how to enter that state at will—for reading or anything else that you need to do.

Invent whole new perspectives and approaches to life – Enlisting your creative, holistic right brain by streaming in volume after volume in such incredibly short periods of time will allow you to make awesome mental connections, draw radical inferences, detect new solutions simply not available when you rely primarily on the processing capabilities of your conscious, left brain.

Enhance your intuition and develop your true potential – When PhotoReading, you’ll be stimulating the part of the brain responsible for intuition and insight. As such, you’ll see your intuitive abilities blossoming. Don’t be surprised if you know which book contains the answer you want by just looking at the book on the shelf!

If your brain has the capacity to PhotoRead, what else can it do?

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