March 24 & 25, 2018 (Romanian)

It Is Important To Know

Einstein tongueThe PhotoReading step itself isn’t “traditional/conventional reading ”at 25,000 words per minute.

Whatever information you wish to acquire, PhotoReading ensures your individual progress and sets in motion a learning process that dynamically uses each learner’s capabilities, always keeping pace with individual cognitive style and rhythm.

The method stimulates self-motivation and offers constant reinforcement of each learner’s sense of accomplishments. PhotoReading is more than speed-reading. Instead of requiring you to move your eyeballs faster, PhotoReading enables you to use your brain more effectively.

PhotoReading does not give you a photographic memory nor instant recall of everything. It simply makes visual information faster to process and easier to use with more choice to how to do it.

To summarise

  • The 5 step Photoreading system enables you to process information at least 2-3 times faster with increased comprehension;

  • The PhotoReading step itself is “downloading” the printed page;

  • The PhotoReading step itself isn’t “traditional reading” at 25,000 words per minute;

  • With the Photoreading system we use intentionally the non-conscious mind and physical relaxation to enhance learning.

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What gives this course more value?

connie_home_semnaturaOf course, as it should be, each and every PhotoReading Instructor brings their own life experience to the courses they lead.

The fascinating results the majority of the participants get in the PhotoReading courses I lead, is also due to my more than 30 years of international training and experience as an ontological leader.

The ontological education is a type of education by which people distinguish and then go beyond the barriers they have; in the case of PhotoReading the barriers to accepting a new approach to reading and learning.

On the principle that “one does not make a cake by putting cream on top of mud” , anything you try to learn on top of limitative thinking that you have and do not know you have, or you know but have no idea how to free yourself from, it is done with difficulty, the results being short lived and inferior to what’s possible.

Paul Scheele’s extraordinary technique for teaching people how to get information by mentally photographing it, coupled with ontological training, make the PhotoReading courses become an unique and extraordinary experience of personal development.

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