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“PhotoReading has amazing potential for helping people use more of their brain to accelerate learning.”
Terrence McKenna, Ph.D., author
The Einstein Factor

“PhotoReading appears to be a natural step forward in the evolution of human reading skills.”
Win Wenger, Ph.D., author of “The Einstein Factor”
The Einstein FactorLegal

“I was expecting a didactical, very technical and predictable course. Instead, the course was BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. Actually, in this course I also learned some things about myself. I think it was far beyond PhotoReading, it was an extraordinary experience! Besides the PhotoReading techniques, I discovered that I have all the answers; I also got an extraordinary lesson regarding integrity. Things will not be the same for me after this course. I think it would be very useful for a lot of people.”
Gabriela Lefter/Legal Adviser
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“The PhotoReading Course is spectacular in what it offers. I think all the professors, my pupils, I think everybody should be able to PhotoRead.”
Florica Millea/Professor-engineer/Director ION I.C.BRATIANU Technological College
The Einstein FactorEducation

“I have a feeling as if my mind wakes up from a long sleep. I have a physical sensation, like a tingling in my head.”
Violeta Dascalu/Director “Ferdinand College”, Bucharest
The Einstein Factor

“In this course I discovered the joy of reading. All of a sudden reading was no longer something “I had to do”, but something natural, like flow.
When I came I read 89 rows in 3 minutes; in the end I got to read 297 rows in 3 minutes. Not the number of rows is important but the extraordinary state I have now, when I read: states of flow, peace, joy. The PhotoReading Course was more than just learn a technique.”
Gabriela Tanase – Managing Partner – International Consulting Expertise
The Einstein Factor

“I came back to the course, for the second time, in order to transcend whatever barriers I have to connecting to knowledge using this technique. If the first time I participated practicing with photo-focus on 3D images shattered whatever concepts I had about mind, the second time the last barrier I had to learning was disappeared. It was an extraordinary experience in which I have discovered myself, or discovered another side of myself. Thank you!”
Alexandru Popescu/Kiss.tv
The Einstein FactorEducation

“One month after the PhotoReadign Course I noticed I am more present, I more confident in my abilities, and myself and slowly but surely fear got on the second place. This is a wonderful feeling, experience.”
Timeea Bobernac/Student - Timisoara
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“I came to this course with the hope of finding certainty. My experience after participating was likes that of opening a very large window to a whole new world.I discovered an incredible method, which I did not know about, and by which I can accumulate information in a very short period of time. I have made, therefore a huge step in my own evolution.”
Iuliana Lucacel/Court of Appeal Judge/Ploiesti
The Einstein FactorLegal

“I came to the PhotoReading course with curiosity, and I leave with even more curiosity for discovering the unknown by using this PhotoReading technique. Between my coming to the course and leaving the course, I lived an extraordinary experience.”
Simona Varga/Lawyer
The Einstein FactorLegal

“I discovered a fabulous way of concentrating, of extracting the essence from a book playing.”
Alina Banu/Managing Partner, Lawyer at Banu Raclaru & Nasta SCA
The Einstein FactorLegal

“I read about the PhotoReading course in a magazine and I told myself: how great it would be if this thing really worked! I came filled with confidence and learned amazing things. I learned:

* how to use my mind,
* trust that I can achieve anything I want, and the fact that
* I can work with a smile on my face instead of a frown.
There are two years since I first participated in the course and I use PhotoReading everyday in my work, where I have a huge amount of reading to do with very much care, the details being extremely important.
Now I manage to organize my time and my mind so that my program is relaxed and no longer stressed!
The fact that I learned to concentrate, allows me to be totally focused on what I do and not be distracted by anything around me; it helps me to easily find the essence in anything I read, and the speed reading techniques help me get through large volumes of pages in a short time.
I finally managed to have no more backlog and this is absolutely fantastic.
PhotoReading helped me discover a foreign language that I did not speak before, language I now understand effortlessly.
My daughter is in the fifth grade and I took her to the course. I think it is one of the best things I have done for her. If previously reading was like a punishment for her, now it’s a real joy, a moment she is looking forward to.
The confidence I see she has now fills my heart with joy. Thank you, Connie, from the bottom of my heart.”
Crina Popescu/Judge/Constanta