Connie Larkin - 9 June 2017

Yesterday evening I was listening to my youngest son talk, while having dinner in a restaurant. This time he was expressing, somehow subdued, his criticism “as the truth”. It was still bad and righteous criticism, but knowing it would make him lose power if he gushed out all the spite, he studiously tuned it down. You see, if we are present we can learn so …

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Integrity IS Power!

Connie Larkin - 14 September 2016

In Landmark they say that one of the levels of Integrity is to live life from a context of power. It is quite an astonishing distinction! It took me … years… to get it, and now I get it, and get it, and constantly need to get it. Every day I deal with my own lack of integrity regarding things I say or do for …

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Connie Larkin - 11 August 2016

I had a profound insight yesterday, again! Now and then, in my consciousness appears this insight, and when it does it gives me more presence and for a while, I keep my word longer regarding what I say I want to do for myself. The insight is about the fact that people complain all the time that they do not PRACTICE what they learn, like, …

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“Supreme Failure”

Connie Larkin - 27 July 2016

Reading some old mind maps I found this expression of Jaque Fresco from America, a guy who created the Venus Project. I wrote it down, you see, because I think the same way. He said that war is the supreme failure. Logic? There are three types of intellect: dull, mediocre and open to learn/to evolve. If dull and mediocre is backed by power, the power …

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The Why of my fascination with Education

Connie Larkin - 19 July 2016

The Landmark Assisting Program is the most spectacular program I know. It is applied philosophy. In terms I discovered later, like Karma Yoga, assisting does nothing more than prepare the mind to receive knowledge. The assisting program gave me the ability to apply to my own life the insights I would get in the courses, thus supplying me with some of my most powerful experiences …

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Calling Card

Connie Larkin - 13 July 2016

In a workplace the only difference between people is the one given by their accountabilities.  Accountabilities come with responsibilities, responsibilities come with power, and the pay is according to accountabilities. There is no other difference, so people do not have to be afraid of ‘authority’ or their bosses, JUST treat everyone with respect (including themselves); and if one wants to grow, the sure way is …

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What is the Point You Want to Make?

Connie Larkin - 12 July 2016

“What is the point you want to make?” is a very valuable question. I met a person to whom I had extended the respect I have for the person who recommended her to me, besides the respect I had for her long journalistic career. After the usual period of polite conversation, she started talking and I listened intently and respectfully, giving her all my attention. …

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EDUCATION with a Twist

Connie Larkin - 11 July 2016

For the ones that can hear;) … for the ones involved with such thing called …. ‘education’ Education is not stuffing down the throats of new beings one’s own constipated, conceptual crap, by which the so-called educator himself/herself is suffocated. Alan Watts writes in his book ‘IN MY OWN WAY’: “Joan was the first of seven children, and there are now five grandchildren. By all …

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