The first book in Connie Larkin's
astounding journey into the world of awareness.

Bucharest in the nineteen seventies was a place clouded in fear and oppression, the brutal Ceausescu regime was at its most paranoid and the secret police had informers everywhere.
To speak with foreigners, or listen to BBC, was against the law and people went about their daily lives trying to be invisible to authorities.

It was in this climate of fear that a young 23-year-old Romanian girl devised a daring and very dangerous plan to escape Romania and make a new life for herself in the West.

This book is a lot more than her story of nail biting escape, the struggle to fit into a new and alien society or her eventual success. This book is an expression of her commitment to making available another point of view from which people worldwide could look and think about environmental issues.

The title of this book, “You, asshole, YOU caused it!” is an expression she loves, that belongs to a man she loves: Werner Erhard.

Spread over four decades and three continents, from the grim streets of communist Europe to the holy places of Israel and India, or the Peruvian rain forest, the main and most powerful theme of the book is self - education and individual responsibility, with their incredibly powerful impact.

If in the pages of this book there was a tale, not her own life experience, one could say it is a tale of adventure and self-discovery, which opens up the possibility that each and every one of us has the most important part to play in the present and future of humanity".

Connie is a true visionary!

If you are reading this book with presence, all the while looking at your own life just like when you try a garment before buying it, a shift in being will occur, naturally.

The real and greatest risk of anihilation is the ignorance of most people on this planet. Responsibility is ours, each and every one of us, to get out of the present state of stupor and get on the court instead of simply being 'victimized' spectators.

This is not a book to read once and tick the square that shows you’ve done it, you will keep reading again and again and each time will enlarge your thinking and presence.

What you read in books you see here, in action! Great adventure!

This is a book without a redundant word.

A quick glance on the book

“After about 10 minutes, the mayor turned toward me and, looking me straight in the eye, asked: ‘What do you want?’

Relaxed, all my training kicked in, and looking him in the eye as well, I said, ‘First of all I would like to thank you for making the time to see me at such short notice. I do not think that mayors in my country would be as gracious.

‘My name is Connie Larkin, I am Romanian and the founder of an environmental association called "Why Not Me". I have been in Jaipur for almost a month to learn Hindi with an instructor, and I am leaving within a week’.

Then I added in Hindi a phrase I had just learned a few days before and which I really liked, Mera Maan Hindustan Me (my mind, my soul is in India, or something like that). I heard a rustle and whispers from all those around me.
I came to you with a personal request. I would like to do something myself, before I leave, about the Old City Bappu Bazar Gate. I would like you to give me two truckloads of earth and some flowers’.”

I was thinking of my favourite Indian actors. I had fallen in love with Shah Rukh Khan first, and then one after another I discovered Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Amitab Bacchan, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, to mention just a few. I love them all, and what I love about the Indian films is that they all have a lesson to teach.

I use the lessons of the Three Idiots in schools when I lead Mind Ecology courses to exemplify for students the stupidity of cramming information into their heads like parrots.

I use PK (2014) to have people lose their self-importance and dance at the end of my courses to the music of Tharky Chokro, having them imitate the moves in the dance, besides recommending to everybody I know to see the movie.

Every individual, any community can roll up their sleeves and look around for what is wanted and needed, and do it.

I was lying on the beach in Juhu, in Mumbai. I stayed in Ramada Hotel…. ……..recognizing the ‘impeccability’ of the Marriott Hotel buildings worldwide, I went to lie down on their portion of beach and……. it would encourage and educate the community.

‘Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it is the only thing’.
– Albert Schweitzer

“One day I read a quote: ‘As I grow older I look less at what people say and more at what people do’.
It is high time the actions match the words.
There has been enough talking, making reports, and then, what is the purpose of all this if it’s not applied?

For no reason, at any time, each and every one of us can take action that contributes to us all now and to future generations.

Talking, blaming others and complaining do not work.
It is possible to act in accordance with what we dream and what inspires us.

I am inspired that people will wake up at the level of the planet; of course, if they want to and if they are ready to, but I am inspired by that anyway.

If it sounds ‘crazy’ so be it!

Apparently, Steve Jobs said: ‘People crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that will manage to do it in the end’. “

Two subtitles appealed to me the most: “…his crosses were also his crowns”, and “why not me?”, the opposite to the rhetorical interrogation specific to being a victim, a phase through which all of us go in moments of despair, and in which many times we choose to stay, to the detriment of our evolution. An inspirational journey that makes you think, wake up from the more or less comfortable hibernation, in order to be really alive.
Daniela Palade Teodorescu
“Avantaje” Magazine/Chief Editor
It was a little hard reading the book in English but I managed in the end. Now that I write these lines, a wave of emotions crosses my body; I feel I want to laugh of happiness, and also to cry. The experience shared in the book put light on my own life experience, and made me wake up to how important it is to be alive and present to all that happens, to live life fully and be aware instead of just being a puppet. Reading the first chapter I had the feeling of slowly, slowly being released; it felt like I had been tied down with thousands of chains and as I was reading, the chains were being broken one by one. I simply devoured the second chapter. I could not put the book down until I got to the end of the Peruvian experience. It was for the first time I heard about this incredible plant. Reading further, all kinds of actions started to come to mind, actions I could take in order to make a difference. I think this book is amazing. For sure it would open many minds if as many people as possible would read it. I am grateful for the possibility of reading the book before it was published, for the fact that reading it brought light into my life; I am more alive now. The most important thing I got is that now I am aware I exist.
Simona Spirescu
Teacher/”Ferdinand I” College, Bucharest
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