‘You and I possess, at any moment of our lives, under all circumstances, the power to transform the quality of our lives’ - Werner Erhard

I love anything that has to do with using my own thinking, and I am fascinated with the freedom to be. Fortunatelly, one day I met an education that 'opened the door' and I got to know my own thinking and I got free.

The great thing I found out is that educating myself depends on me alone.

This extraordinary education is called 'ontological' and it's results are seen instantaneusly; it makes one be aware and be filled with awe, joy, power and inspiration in the face of anything one does, now, in the present.

I am not interested in any other type of education; I would not waste one single moment of NOW from my life waiting for something to happen, sometime, in the future.

When in 1983 my life became extraordinary in one simple conversation I thought then, as I do now, that I have no right to keep this for myself. My life and the joy filling my life are an expression of sharing what I found out with others.

Yesterday evening I was listening to my youngest son talk, while having dinner in a restaurant. This time he was expressing, somehow subdued, his criticism “as the truth”. It was still bad and righteous cri...
9 June 2017
Integrity IS Power!
In Landmark they say that one of the levels of Integrity is to live life from a context of power. It is quite an astonishing distinction! It took me … years… to get it, and now I get it, and get it,...
14 September 2016
Discipline implies a certain discipline of the mind
Some 6 or 7 years ago I got the Home Study of Bhagavad Gita by Dayananda Saraswati from someone I met. I read from it 30 minutes every day, and yesterday I read this: “Discipline implies a certain mastery of ...
29 August 2016
Do you want to wake up and smell the roses?
There are two ways of looking at things and one is the most prevailing: look out there for what I don’t do, don’t have or why I am the way I am. This manifests through criticism: they did not do, they are b...
23 August 2016
“A shovel for the mountain of paper”
“A shovel for the mountain of paper,” wrote The Business Journal about PhotoReading. If you want to: • Read more easily with better understanding • Improve your memory and sharpen concentration ...
18 August 2016
Improve your memory – PhotoReading teaches you to blaze through information at lightning speed and absorb it like a sponge. These whole mind techniques will help you remember everything you see, hear, and...
18 August 2016
I had a profound insight yesterday, again! Now and then, in my consciousness appears this insight, and when it does it gives me more presence and for a while, I keep my word longer regarding what I say I want t...
11 August 2016
“Supreme Failure”
Reading some old mind maps I found this expression of Jaque Fresco from America, a guy who created the Venus Project. I wrote it down, you see, because I think the same way. He said that war is the supreme fail...
27 July 2016
A valuable “advice” for suffering women in the mid forties, and not only
I asked myself, for a brief moment, if my look was ok when I left for the Baneasa Mall to buy some stuff. My dark purple baggy Indian trousers and black kurta, with the Jaipur colorful slippers looked just righ...
25 July 2016
The Why of my fascination with Education
The Landmark Assisting Program is the most spectacular program I know. It is applied philosophy. In terms I discovered later, like Karma Yoga, assisting does nothing more than prepare the mind to receive knowle...
19 July 2016
Calling Card
In a workplace the only difference between people is the one given by their accountabilities.  Accountabilities come with responsibilities, responsibilities come with power, and the pay is according to account...
13 July 2016
What is the Point You Want to Make?
“What is the point you want to make?” is a very valuable question. I met a person to whom I had extended the respect I have for the person who recommended her to me, besides the respect I had for her long j...
12 July 2016
EDUCATION with a Twist
For the ones that can hear;) … for the ones involved with such thing called …. ‘education’ Education is not stuffing down the throats of new beings one’s own constipated, conceptual crap, by which the...
11 July 2016
If Media People Would Just wake up!
All the criticism, the invalidation, the moral indignation are nothing but wasted energy by people who are asleep. People can only be asleep or awake and no one can be criticized for being asleep; the ones who ...
2 July 2016
Moral Indignation
MORAL INDIGNATION is a sign of WEAKNESS, contrary to your beliefs. I love Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda’s character; this is what he said in ‘Fire from Within’: “Think about it: what weakens us...
1 July 2016