I will start with a quote from my book entitled “You, asshole, YOU caused it!”:

“There were no thoughts of the future, no thoughts of the past, no worries, incriminations or calculations of any kind. Just NOW. The bliss of it! In his biography, Werner talks about this state in this way: ‘To be satisfied, to expand, you must first be where you are, and do what you are doing—no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing’.

I was experiencing that.

My past disappeared completely—completely in the sense that I could recount the story but very vaguely, and I had no interest in spending even a moment of my life looking at it. I do not know how it is to remember past lives, but that was the thought that came to me. It was like a past life in which I was not at all interested.”

I was born in Bucharest, Romania;

I woke up one July evening, in 1983, while attending an Est Training Evening Session in Tel Aviv;


I passionately live my life, in a constant dance with the present;

For me, the most empowering are the relationship based on mutual respect, with people who can hear and are authentically committed to thought expansion; in those relationships I blossom, I am contributed to and contribute;


I express myself best as Coach, Executive Coach, Trainer, PhotoReading Instructor, anything that has to do with ontological education, freedom to be, accessing one’s potential and authenticity.


In Landmark language, if you asked who I was, I would say:

Who I am is Life Itself dancing with joy, exceptionally extraordinary contribution to the planet, just for the fun of it!”