Practice is easy

I had a profound insight yesterday, again! Now and then, in my consciousness appears this insight, and when it does it gives me more presence and for a while, I keep my word longer regarding what I say I want to do for myself.

The insight is about the fact that people complain all the time that they do not PRACTICE what they learn, like, is good for them, or things they get from different courses they participate in, etc…
Listening or observing them, oneself, you get the idea that “practice” is a strenuous thing to do.
It is not! We do it all day long, all our lives.
We practice being lazy, careless, insensitive, being petty, doing what we feel like doing, criticizing others, complaining….

My life is worth living when I “practice” what I know is good for me: integrity, joy, freedom from attachment or control, do things that inspire me, be present.

Of course, it takes practice to …. practice that!
And shifting for the usual “practice” to another “practice” is not easy because of our laziness.

Then we get the life we practice

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