“Supreme Failure”

Reading some old mind maps I found this expression of Jaque Fresco from America, a guy who created the Venus Project. I wrote it down, you see, because I think the same way. He said that war is the supreme failure.

There are three types of intellect: dull, mediocre and open to learn/to evolve.
If dull and mediocre is backed by power, the power given by the positions gotten inflates the ego in such a way that it starts devastating everything.
Ego does nothing but destroys life to enhance itself.
Even if it wins standing all alone on top of a mountain of dead bodies, it “won”! How stupid can it be!

All conflict, if looked behind the smart and diplomatic declarations is the fight of small boys brought up to the level of nations, and all it is about is “being smarter”, “outsmarting everybody”, “showing how tough they are”, “dominate”, “avoid domination”…

The play from childhood was, maybe, amusing; at a mature (!?) age it is sick.
Besides, it uses the money we pay in taxes for these dicks (whatever the continent) to play games of destruction with us; for what else are ‘defense’ budgets, army budgets, or whatever budgets but our money/energy?

Where are we, the rest? What are we doing?
I suppose most of humanity should be awake! It is being raped!
What if we all, spontaneously, one day, all seven billion people, sit ourselves down on the roads, streets, in front of our houses, everywhere, whatever uniform we put on (army boys are still human beings, they have/had a mother), whatever religion, and say:
* We do not want to kill anybody.
* The entire planet is ours and we want to keep it whole, for our children.
* All children are beautiful, and all children deserve to live full and happy lives.
* We do not want war; war is the ultimate failure!

Jaque Fresco suggested three other actions but they are too difficult for our “hot, war spoiling for, elected boys”:
* Take care of the environment
* Take care of one another
* Educate ourselves.

There are few people with such reach, the reach to seven billion people, that goes beyond nationality, geography, religion, language, obviously not me; this guy from Google, Larry Page, who said he wanted to work for at least a billion people problem might make the message known; if he really meant it he is lucky, this is a seven billion problem!!!
So, I appeal to him! I would like him to come for a coffee at my place, in Bucharest, and put this new game of waking up in place. No kidding!

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