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Connie Larkin - 12 July 2016

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Connie Larkin - 12 July 2016

What is the Point You Want to Make?

Connie Larkin - 12 July 2016

“What is the point you want to make?” is a very valuable question.

I met a person to whom I had extended the respect I have for the person who recommended her to me, besides the respect I had for her long journalistic career.

After the usual period of polite conversation, she started talking and I listened intently and respectfully, giving her all my attention.
Not long after she started talking my mind became blank, and I could not figure what the … she was talking about.

I do not have a commitment to play dumb or waste time so, after about 5 minutes, I interrupted the flow of whatever it was she was doing and asked:
“Excuse me, what is the point you want to make? I would like to understand what you are saying.”

Initially I thought that, maybe, uttering words for the sake of the words, or just loving the sound of one’s voice must be defects connected to a specific job, like being a journalist for so long; what did I know?!

She stopped the flow of words. After mumbling something resembling an explanation, we could fortunately renew the conversation.

Very soon though, she started ranting again.
The experience I had was like I was listening to a ‘dead object’ spewing stuff. Of course I brought her back in the present, with the same question.

She left two hours later and nothing came of our meeting or my time; it was like I had met a non-entity.

What is the point of this communication?!

Well, for the beginning of this awareness I share just a few points:

– Sometimes you can make a difference to people by asking “what is the point of your communication?’, or

– If they are irrecoverable and do not hear anything – like the person in my story, at least you do not waste time;

– When you catch yourself ranting, stop it!
People will not listen to you any more, and you will lose your credibility, power and respect;

– Before you open the mouth to talk, ask yourself: “what is the point I want to make?” 🙂