EDUCATION with a Twist

For the ones that can hear;)
… for the ones involved with such thing called …. ‘education’

Education is not stuffing down the throats of new beings one’s own constipated, conceptual crap, by which the so-called educator himself/herself is suffocated.

Alan Watts writes in his book ‘IN MY OWN WAY’:

“Joan was the first of seven children, and there are now five grandchildren.

By all the standards of this society I have been a terrible father, with a few disastrous attempts to be a ‘good’ one, for the simple reason that I have no patience with the abstract notion of ‘the child’, which our culture imposes on small people;
– with the toys and games they are supposed to enjoy,
– with the books they are supposed to read,
– with the mannerisms they are supposed to assume, and
– with the schools in which they become
lowest – common – denominator images of each other.

I am completely at ease
– with the infant who still enjoys nonsense and plays spontaneously at unprogrammed games, and then again
– with the adolescent who is calling the brainwashing into question.”

I find that though people are unhappy with themselves in spite of what “they know”, they impose their ‘wisdom’ on their kids so that they become ‘happy’, even if that means giving up being themselves.

Can someone be happy not being himself or herself?

That is the question!

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