The events that shaped my life into what it is today are not personal affairs, and yet extremely personal.

I cannot attribute to myself any accomplishments, though I could list many; what I care to say on my behalf is just that I am profoundly grateful: I “woke up” in this life, and nothing can be compared to that.

This book is made of a succession of insights melted into my being, freeing me from living a conceptual life.

The way I communicate those insights is meant to allow for that same freedom for others, if they are ready.

The book was written in simple everyday language and the intent is to contribute.

The title is an expression addressed to me, and it is said with love, for I have caused a lot of unnecessary suffering in my life, not knowing it was really me causing it.

"You asshole,
YOU caused it!"

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”Our life is frittered away by detail….
S i m p l i f y, S i m p l i f y.”
- Henry D. Thoreau
I see my site as an instrument for self-education.
I like simple things so I intend it to be SIMPLE, CLEAR and VERY USEFUL!

For me Education is an "Inside Job"!

Nobody can make you educate yourself except you.

I find self-education to be the most honorable way to live life, always being commited to one's own evolution!

So, my invitation is: Be an extraordinary life, by self-educating, if you choose to:)